When asked what part of a dental visit they dislike most people say things like, “Going to the Dentist hurts!” or “I hate the sound of the drill!”

Dr. Shattuck has designed our office to eliminate the most uncomfortable parts of the typical dental visit and give our patients the most pleasant experience possible. Anesthesia is only delivered after use of a topical anesthetic to eliminate the initial poke most patients feel during injections. Dr. Shattuck has studied extensively to learn the most comfortable methods to deliver anesthesia and approaches every injection with the utmost care.

Our dental chairs were designed with comfort in mind and provide optimal lumbar and neck support. By the time treatment begins, you might be surprised to find yourself dosing pleasantly as your body sinks into the chair’s soft upholstery.
Do dental drills have to be loud and frightening?

With the latest advances in technology, the answer is no! Most dental drills are loud because they are powered by air turbines. At most other offices, a powerful air compressor, like those found in tire repair shops, shoots large quantities of air through the drill to make it spin. The more powerful the air, the faster the dental drill spins.

Our handpieces are not driven by noisy air turbines. Instead, Dr. Shattuck has invested in the utilization of electrically driven dental handpieces, which are quieter and more comfortable than air driven drills. To find out more about electric handpieces, click here. (Link to Electric Handpieces Here)
With our state of the art technology, unique approach to patient care, and commitment to patient comfort, you can be sure that your experience at Radiant Dental Care will be unlike any experience you have ever had at a dental office before!