Dr. Shattuck knows that it is important to educate our patients so that they can have the confidence that the treatment they receive at Radiant Dental Care is the best care available. For this reason, Dr. Shattuck has brought SOPRO technology into the office. This unique digital camera, about the size of marker has 2 modes.

The first is a basic digital mode, where Dr. Shattuck or a staff member can take pictures of your teeth so that you can see any areas of concern, whether it is a small bit of plaque buildup or a fracture or discoloration of a tooth.

The second is SOPRO mode. In SOPRO mode, our camera shines a safe fluorescent light on the tooth. Healthy enamel is made up of a sturdy Calcium Phosphate crystal. When it is damaged, the calcium is pulled out of the crystal rods, leaving weakened areas of tooth that we call decay. In many conventional offices, dentists rely solely on “feeling” the strength of the enamel by pressing the metal tip of an explorer into any suspicious looking areas.

This method can not only be uncomfortable, but can also miss areas of decay because there are times when bacteria have broken through a small portion of the enamel, and begun to eat away the internal part of the tooth, but left most of the outer enamel intact. These are dangerous situations that can lead to an unexpected toothache that quickly becomes a root canal.

But by using our camera in SOPRO mode, Dr. Shattuck can catch these trouble spots. Even if most of the enamel is intact, SOPRO’s unique fluorescent light catches any areas of bacterial invasion, just like shining a flashlight into a dark room.