We are a mercury-free practice. However, many people still have silver/mercury fillings from years past. These fillings are not pleasing to the eye, and we now know that silver/mercury fillings ultimately result in weakened enamel, making teeth more prone to both recurrent decay and fracture.

There are many advantages to receiving a tooth-colored or composite restoration, and your Haslet, TX, dentist can help you decide which restoration is best for you:

Tooth Colored Restorations create fillings that are not only beautiful and invisible to the naked eye but because they are bonded to your enamel, they can add strength to already weakened teeth. These restorations are aesthetically pleasing and very strong thanks to new bonding technologies.

Composite Restorations are bonded to the teeth creating a tight, superior fit to the natural tooth, reducing the chance of future decay. Such restorations can be used in instances where much of the tooth has been lost. When appropriate, composite restorations keep healthy tooth structure intact and stronger than it was before.

The fluoride contained in the resins of tooth-colored restorations provide an additional barrier to recurrent decay. The resin wears similarly to natural teeth and can be placed near the gum line, creating a smooth transition from the restoration to the natural tooth, making these areas easier to clean, which is healthier for your gums!

The result is a beautiful smile! Call (817) 439-8393 today to schedule an appointment with your Haslet, TX, dentist at Radiant Dental Care.