Teeth extractions is a procedure in which one or more teeth are removed. Teeth extractions may be necessary to maintain the health of your remaining teeth and mouth.

The most common reasons your Haslet, TX, dentist recommends teeth extractions are:

  • Infection
  • Severe decay
  • trauma, or fracture to the tooth, beyond repair
  • Periodontal disease

Dr. Shattuck does extract (remove) teeth if they are badly damaged and nothing can be done to save them. Dr. Shattuck believes that dental extractions don’t have to be painful or stressful. He and his staff will do everything in their power to make what many consider a loathsome procedure as comfortable and easy as possible.

After determining that a tooth extraction is necessary, Dr. Shattuck will discuss options with you for replacing the extracted tooth.

If you think you are in need of a tooth extraction, call (817) 439-8393 to schedule an appointment with your Radiant Dental Care dentist in Haslet, TX.