It’s an exciting time to be an oral healthcare provider!  Digital technology is changing the face of dentistry.  New digital radiology is making it easier to diagnose decay and disease, educate patients about their oral health, and improve the quality of care we provide.  Digital radiographs provide us with a resolution traditional film simply can’t match, eliminate the use of dangerous processing chemicals, provide faster images that the patients can see, and are safer than traditional film.  Digital radiographs expose a patient to up to 70% less radiation than film, about the equivalent of walking out your front door on a sunny Texas afternoon.  Digital records help us inform our patients and educate them about their oral health.  When patients can see the same disease, dysfunction, and decay that the doctor can see, they can make better informed choices.  At Radiant our patients are active participants when it comes to choosing the treatment that is right for them, so they can rest assured that the care they receive is the highest quality we can provide.  Come in today and see the difference digital technology makes!