Unlike partial dentures, full dentures replace a patient’s full set of teeth on the top or the bottom. They also provide support for the cheeks and lips. Dentures are made of acrylic or an acrylic like substance and the teeth themselves are made of a sturdy plastic material. Dr. Shattuck has been fabricating dentures in Haslet, TX, for several years and he creates every set with precision so that the fit is tight and feels comfortable.

A proper fitting denture does not slide around in the mouth. Once in place, it should stay in place. Properly fitting dentures provide adequate cheek and lip support to fill out the “sunken” look many denture patients suffer with. Dentures that are too large tend to push out the lips too far, creating what has been coined as the “duck face.”

If your dentures are creating sore spots on your gums, or you deal with a denture that slides around and refuses to stay in place, a denture adjustment or reline might be needed in our Haslet, TX, dentist office. Dentures often become ill-fitting when the cheeks and gums shift. This shift happens in all patients once they lose their teeth and the process continues for the rest of their life. In order to correct for the shifting of an ill-fitting denture, a reline acrylic can be added to the part of the denture that rests against the gums. This acrylic bonds to the denture and fills in any gaps, effectively “tightening” the denture to the gums.

An ill-fitting denture not only makes it difficult for patients to talk and chew but also overstresses the gums and the jaw, causing aggressive bone loss, especially in the mandible. Ill-fitting dentures can also cause gum tissue overgrowth or extra flaps of gum and cheek tissue that are unsightly and difficult for patients to live with.

Dr. Shattuck recommends that all patients have their dentures checked every two years to see if they need a reline or adjustment. Properly fitting dentures should be indistinguishable from natural teeth. Dr. Shattuck routinely provides Haslet, TX, denture patients with brief consults to explain what their options are to improve the fit and appearance of their dentures.

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