In some instances, too much of a healthy tooth has been lost and a regular tooth colored filling would be likely to flake off or cause the tooth to break. A dental crown helps to preserve the functionality of damaged teeth, protect a cracked tooth, or restore the functionality of a tooth with excessive decay. A dental crown does this by encasing the damaged part of the tooth with a custom-designed material.

Our Haslet, TX, dentist will recommend a dental crown:

  • When a filling is too large for the tooth to support
  • To protect a cracked or broken tooth
  • To cover a tooth with a root canal

Teeth that have extensive decay or undergone a root canal are typical candidates for a dental crown. If a dental crown is needed, the dentist and his laboratory technicians will construct a custom made dental crown to fit your mouth and your bite.

Gone are the days of having to suffer with gold or silver colored crowns. Haslet, TX, dental professionals now have many different materials to choose from when designing a crown for a patient. Several are completely metal free and with a myriad of shades on the market, a great dentist can choose just the right colors so that your crown will blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth and give a “natural” look, making it impossible for anyone to know you had a dental crown done!

Dr. Shattuck has devoted hours of study to the subject of color theory from some of the industries’ leading specialists and takes pride in being able to design and construct dental crowns that are both natural and beautiful.

If you are in need of a dental crown in Haslet, TX, call (817) 439-8393 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shattuck and the team at Radiant Dental Care.