Radiant: Adjective meaning shining. Also bright with hope, joy.

A radiant smile brightens the room, puts others at ease, and draws people to you. Dr. Shattuck founded Radiant Dental Care on 3 core principles: compassion, education, and comprehensive patient care. A radiant smile isn’t just a beautiful smile, a white smile or a straight smile. A truly radiant smile comes from health, comfort, and confidence.


At Radiant you will find our staff friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.  Our top priority is your comfort and health.  We take our time to properly diagnose disease, discuss all possible treatment options, and ensure the care you receive is the best that we can offer.  At Radiant, our patients are more than just teeth, more than just a filling, more than just another file.  From the moment our patients schedule their first appointment with us they are family.


Dr. Shattuck knows that in order to provide the highest excellence in care, it is imperative to stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology and research.  Our patient’s oral health is dependent on our ability to accurately diagnose and treat disease.  It is our mission at Radiant to continue to learn and grow with the field so that our patients can be assured the care they receive at our hands is the best.  Since obtaining his license, Dr. Shattuck has taken more than 30 hours of CE a year, more than twice the state mandated yearly requirement.

Comprehensive Care

At Radiant we understand that oral health is more than just the presence or absence of decay on a tooth.  Oral health is ensuring that all the foundations of the oral cavity are functioning in health and harmony, from a patient’s teeth to their gums and bone, to their bite, TMJ, and muscular function.  At Radiant, we have the training and tools necessary to accurately assess a patient’s total oral health and treat disease and dysfunction so that our patients can be confident that they have a truly Radiant smile.